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Ryan's Board Updates
Board of Supervisors Meeting Highlights
September 24, 2019
(9B) Rate Increase for Collection Services - Adopted a resolution which goes into effect October 1, 2019 to increase rates by approximately 24% for the residential and commercial operational cost associated with the collection of solid waste, recyclables, green waste, and food waste for the unincorporated area of garbage zone one (Southern Napa County). The key factors contributing to the rate increase includes recovering costs associated with the purchase of new compressed natural gas collection vehicles; new carts, bins, and boxes; expanding the zone of services; and adding a free service for the pickup of bulky items comparable to the City of Napa's Recycle More Program. The rate increase is critical to funding the replacement of diesel trucks with vehicles powered by natural gas, which will reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as much as 10%. To view the rate changes, visit the Napa Recycling and Waste Services website.
(9C) Updates to the Election Administration Plan - In preparation for the March 2020 Primary and November 2020 Presidential elections, the Election Division is required to prepare an updated Election Administration Plan (EAP) - a plan detailing the County's outreach plan, prospective Vote Center and Ballot Drop Box locations, security, layouts, and budget. At this week's meeting, the Board received a presentation from Registrar of Voters, John Tuteur, regarding the draft EAP, which proposes adding two additional Drop Box locations (South Napa near the River Park shopping center and American Canyon) as well as adding a Vote Center in Las Flores Community Center and moving a Vote Center from the American Canyon Library to the Boys & Girls Club. A full version of the EAP is available at CountyofNapa.org/2242. As of now, several community meetings have been held in various parts of the County to gather public input and a second version of the EAP will be made available before a public hearing on Monday, October 21st at 10am in the Board Chambers. A final version is scheduled to be submitted in November to the Secretary of State for approval.
(10A) Napa Valley Vine Trail - Approved $324,000 in funding for the Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) to complete the environmental and design phase of the Calistoga segment of the Vine Trail. NVTA is now looking for additional support from the Cities of St. Helena and Calisotga as well as the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition to fund the estimated $800,000 shortfall needed to complete this phase of the project. Stay tuned!
(10B) Appointments - Congratulations to those appointed to the Napa County Fire Services Advisory Committee:
  • Appointment of Kenneth Van Oeveren and Jeffrey Rogers representing Alternate Volunteer Firefighter Members
  • Appointment of Scott Upton representing the Alternate Public Member
(10C) Future Board Items - Provided direction to Planning Director, David Morrison, on three items of discussion:
  • The Board requested that a joint meeting of the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission be held in January 2020. An Ad-Hoc Committee was also formed between Supervisor Dillon and I (in our capacity as Chair and Vice Chair of the Board), as well as the Chair and Vice Chair of the Planning Commission, to determine the major topics of discussion for this meeting.
  • The Board received an update on the Code Compliance Program. A number of applicants who submitted a Status Determination request under this program have received a determination that their previously permitted entitlements don’t match up with their current business practices and now require a Use Permit modification to reconcile this. Many of these modifications are modest and may benefit from the Small Winery Protection and Use Permit Streamlining draft ordinance being considered (not yet adopted). Given that this new ordinance being considered is largely the result of key learnings from our Code Compliance Program, it makes sense to me that we pause and circle back to see how one can benefit the other. So, the Board directed Director Morrison to come back with a proposal for possible time extensions to facilitate this.  
  • Staff is in the process of drafting a document to define acceptable earth tone colors that may be used in the exterior treatments of structures approved through discretionary review, such as Use Permits, and the Board requested that the document be brought back to us for final adoption once the draft is complete.
9th Annual Centenarians Celebration
This year, 16 Napa County centenarians honored us with their participation in our 9th Annual Centenarians Celebration. They shared some incredible life stories with their fellow centenarians, family members, friends, and local officials. It was my pleasure to celebrate this wonderful occasion with District 2 residents Elsie Goines, Henry Haggland, and Gertrude Colgin (pictured above).
Next Board of Supervisors Meeting...
Join the Board on October 8, at 9:00 a.m. on the third floor of the County Administration Building — 1195 Third Street, Suite 310, Napa.
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